Contacting AAM Design Limited

AAM Design Limited is based in Hampshire, in England. I provide on-site or off-site consultation on a freelance or contract basis for one-off jobs or long-term projects. Working with documents and files means that remote working is a simple matter of using internet technologies (wifi, email, file transfer, etc.). I can, and do, conduct business anywhere in the UK and the rest of the world.

Working with AAM Design

1. The Brief. Give me an outline brief of the work you want doing (the more information you can provide at this stage, the more accurate my quote will be).

2. The Quote/Proposal. I will then provide you with a quote/proposal for your work, including a project schedule and timescales for completion, if relevant.

3. Acceptance & Confirmation. Assess my quote and when I receive your acceptance and confirmation to proceed, I will commence work (usually when I have received a Purchase Order from you).

4. Collect Source Information. Either send me any detailed source information or I will consult the relevant sources and collect information myself.

5. Create a Draft Document. I will create and deliver a draft document incorporating all your source information (and any comments, updates or amendments).

6. Review Draft Document. Review the draft document for technical accuracy and provide any comments, updates or amendments. Typically, three drafts and reviews will be required to complete the work.

7. Acceptance & Approval. When I have completed the work to your satisfaction you will approve the document, obtaining any internal sign-offs you require.

8. Deliver Document Masters. When approved, I will deliver your master files and any PDF versions you require.

9. Submit Invoice. When you have received all your files, I will submit my invoice for the work done.

10. Invoice Payment. You will pay my invoice (normally within 30 days). For longer projects, stage payments or monthly payments may be arranged based on the hours worked.

Authoring in Your Favourite Applications

AAM Design creates documents using various applications, including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • CorelDraw
  • Microsoft Visio

If you use Microsoft Word's drawing tools to produce simple illustrations, flowcharts, block diagrams or to add call-outs and annotations to other imported illustrations, AAM Design can also generate professional-looking symbols and templates for you to use.

Maintaining Ownership of Your Documents

Unlike some agencies, when your job is completed, I will always provide you with the master files that I have been working on, thereby ensuring you maintain ownership of your documents. This means you are always in control and free to outsource to another author/agency or to update your documents yourself. I WILL NOT hold you to ransom, or lock into a contractual arrangement, when you need to amend or update your documents in the future.

Delivering PDFs, Master Files and Printed Copies

During your project, I will supply you with draft PDF documents for you to review and comment on, to ensure AAM achieve your desired outcome. When I have completed your project, I will supply you with PDF documents suitable for web, e-mail and printing, in addition to your master files. I can also arrange printing of your documents, if you require.

What is PDF?

PDF is a file format created by Adobe to enable you to freeze and distribute documents you have created in other applications, such as Word, InDesign, PhotoShop, Excel, etc. It compresses your text and images into a smaller sized file which can be stored or distributed like any other file.

Anyone can then read/view your PDF document, using the Adobe PDF Reader (free to download and use) on a computer, tablet or smart phone. If your document needs updating, you simply update your original file, using the master application, and re-create the PDF file.

How Much Will It Cost?

Because AAM Design is not an agency, you are not just an 'account' to me and I do not charge agency prices, which could be in the region of £100's per hour, depending which agency you consult.

My rates are based on the volume of work and the degree of expertise required. Before I undertake any job I will agree with you the number of hours it should take, giving you a fixed-price and a timescale. Alternatively, for longer projects, I can work on a monthly timesheet basis and you will pay me for the number of hours I have actually worked, according an agreed daily rate.

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