Technical Authoring

How will your company survive in increasingly competitive markets? Providing superior customer support will help you stand out from your competitors, retain your existing customers and attract new ones. Providing exceptional technical publications is an essential part of this.

Writing Documents for Engineering and Technology

I have an engineering degree and over 20-years’ experience of producing publications for all levels of user in various engineering disciplines, including:

  • Air Conditioning, Environmental Control, Energy Recovery and Ventilation
  • Audio and Data Recording
  • Broadcasting
  • Communications
  • Computer-aided Testing
  • Contact Lens Manufacture
  • Fibre Optic Communications and Temperature Measurement
  • Industrial Processes and Manufacturing
  • Instrumentation
  • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Supply and Distribution
  • Satellite Communications
  • Mobile Phone Testing
  • Radiotherapy

Writing for Different Levels of User

As a Technical Author I have over 20 year's experience of producing technical, training and corporate documentation for all levels of commercial and military user:

  • level 0 - non-technical/general public operation, installation, service and repair
  • level I - operator/user operation, installation, service and repair
  • level II - in-the-field installation, service and repair
  • level III - depot servicing and repair
  • level IV - factory repair

Why You Need Professional Documentation

1. Delight your customers. By providing comprehensive and effective documentation, you will make your products easier to understand ensure your customers use them to their full potential.

2. Reduce calls to customer support. By providing adequate operational and technical detail, you will reduce the number of calls to your customer support hotline.

3. Minimise product downtime. By providing effective troubleshooting and repair instructions, your customers will be able to rectify faults and get your products back online more quickly.

4. Encourage repeat business. By improving customer confidence in your products and product support, you will improve your company's reputation and establish brand loyalty.

5. Generate new business. By supplying a technical publication to a prospective customer as a benchmark of achievement, you will add credibility to your sales and marketing literature.

6. Train staff. By providing structured product documentation, you will be able to train staff and new recruits in your company as well as your customers.

7. Protect your customers. By providing essential health and safety information, in conjunction with appropriate product labels, your company will fulfil its obligation to provide adequate protection for the end-user.

8. Protect your products. By providing relevant equipment care, installation, handling, operation, storage, and maintenance information, the product will be properly used and maintained by the customer.

9. Protect your company. By recording the functions, features and specifications of the product, you will provide product liability and patent protection for your company in the event of a dispute.

10. Increase company productivity. By distributing copies of the product manual internally, or posting it on the company intranet, you will reduce interruptions to your product developers.

Supporting Your Product Lifecycle

I have proven success in designing and managing documents through the product lifecycle and delivering products on-time and to-budget, including:

  • assessing documentation requirements
  • scoping documentation
  • structuring documentation
  • planning documentation projects
  • budgeting projects
  • writing draft documentation
  • organising and preparing illustrations
  • reviewing and editing drafts
  • achieving project milestones and delivery dates
  • working to budget
  • coordinating with printing lead times and product development
  • issue control and document management
  • coordinating updates with product versioning
  • issue and control of updates, appendices, amendments and revisions
  • document withdrawal and replacement at end of product life

Online Help for Software Applications

In additions to writing comprehensive software user guides, I also have experience of designing help systems to support users of software applications. Such help systems are typically not just re-formatted versions of the user guide, but they can draw extensively from this content, if it exists.

Contacting AAM Design

If your company or organisation needs professional document design, you can hire me on a freelance or contract basis. I'll be happy to give you a fixed-price quote or an hourly/daily rate.

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