Looking to make your marketing budget go further? An agency will (for a handsome price) provide you with copy to promote your company's products and services; however, AAM Design writes informative and persuasive copy at less than agency prices.

Writing in Anglo-Saxon English

If you need copy that is clear, concise and captivating; I write in plain Anglo-Saxon English and strive to remove obscure buzzwords and business-speak to give you copy that your customers will understand and respond to. I advise my customers not to frustrate potential customers with incomprehensible copy in the mistaken belief they will be impressed by your use of jargon.

Writing for Your Intended Audience

Do you need to persuade an engineer, a manager or a purchasing manager? When writing, I consider your intended audience, their technical background and what benefits will appeal to them, in order to produce targeted copy that addresses their concerns and interests.

Writing to Inform and Persuade

Whether you need marketing/sales literature, product data sheets, technical specifications, web content or printed documents; I have extensive experience of writing customer-focused documents designed to deliver your message and receive a response using proven copywriting techniques.

How to Create Captivating Copy

1. Use punchy prose and presentation. Always use a spell-checker and proof-read your words to ensure they are the best that you could use. How your document looks is almost as important as what it says, so pay attention to your presentation too.

2. Speak directly to your customer. Choose your words, and paragraph length, to suit your customers. Your own copy will always look good to you - so test it to make sure it's not confusing or boring.

3. Be passionate about your product (or service). You must believe that you have a product will change your customer's life for the better. If you don't believe in it, you shouldn't be selling it.

4. Stress the benefits, not the features. What does your customer care about? Will it make them richer? Will it help save them time? Will it make them more effective?

5. Establish trust. What are your credentials? Who are your customers? Do you offer a free-trial or a guarantee. How can your customers be sure this is a genuine offer from a genuine company?

6. Use attention-grabbing headings. Break up long passages into byte-size chunks to make your document easy to scan. Grab the attention of your audience and give them enticing clues about the content to come.

7. Use powerful and emotive words. Words such as: free, proven, discover, breakthrough, learn, benefit, first and exclusive, are universally appealing. Don't use indecisive, ambiguous or lacklustre words.

8. Keep it concise. Keep headings, sentences and paragraphs concise. If you can say it in fewer words, you probably should.

9. Create urgency. Make your audience take action here and now. Is there a deadline or a special offer you can mention?

10. Get a response. Have a call to action: 'call us now', 'buy this book', 'contact us for details', etc. If your audience don't respond immediately, have a back-up response prepared: a free download or newsletter to establish contact. Give them something to remember you by.

Corporate Literature that Delivers

I create corporate, marketing and sales literature that engages with the reader; delivering your message using language they will understand and at a level that they will comprehend. It is often difficult to appreciate the needs of potential customers if you have spent a long time immersed in development or in the same company culture; you forget how much you have learned and now take for granted. Knowing a product inside-out can therefore be a hindrance when trying to explain it to others. By outsourcing you gain a fresh insight from someone with no preconceptions and a user's perspective.

Contacting AAM Design

If your company or organisation needs professional document design, you can hire me on a freelance or contract basis. I'll be happy to give you a fixed-price quote or an hourly/daily rate.

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