Web Design

Concisely written and informative web content, punctuated by eye-catching graphics will attract potential customers and deliver the information they need, turning speculative browsers into customers.

Writing Web Content

Your customers want information and they want it fast! Don't swamp you web content with unnecessary frills. Ensure your customers are be able to find what they are looking for, easily and quickly. I creates simple, no-frills websites that deliver information effectively. Enough said.

Designing Web Adverts and Websites

A web advert will list your contact details and essential information onto a single-page website that will not need updating (unless your contact details change). This means you don't need to spend time on it, nor do you need to spend a fortune having someone else maintain it.

Having a multi-page website needn't cost a fortune and doesn't require advanced computer skills. If you require a professional-looking multi-page site that you can take control of and update yourself, I can design a bespoke website to suit you.

Creating an Intranet with ZERO BUDGET

Can't find the documents you're looking for? Network grown too large to be re-organised? Intranet server too expensive? Let me show you how to create a company intranet with ZERO BUDGET, using the resources you already have:

  • your current network drive(s).
  • an internet browser.
  • a text editor or word processor.

I create easy-to-use, and easy-to-update, company intranets without disrupting your existing network and without buying new hardware or software.

Contacting AAM Design

If your company or organisation needs professional document design, you can hire me on a freelance or contract basis. I'll be happy to give you a fixed-price quote or an hourly/daily rate.

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